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Automatic Vehicle Identification

The growth of vehicle populations worldwide along with overwhelming amounts of vehicle data has created a demand for automated, highly secure, and highly reliable Automatic Vehicle Identification Systems (AVIS). Local, state, and national governments recognize the importance of implementing a more advanced system in order to increase safety and security, ensure regulatory compliance, and recover lost revenue.

This system is used in order to identify, authorize and grant access to vehicles inside SPECIFIC premetreses. 

It is also being used at Airports, Toll-gates, Car Rentals and Warehouses for long range vehicle identification. This system has a scalability to identify both the vehicle and also the driver. Our controller integrated within the RFID Transit reader facilitates offline authorization and controls.

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) based on UHF RFID tags and labels enables cost efficient and reliable solutions for vehicle and traffic management. Vehicles can be detected remotely, even at high speeds. This keeps traffic flowing smoothly at toll gates and checkpoints, and brings comfort to drivers and inspectors.

Our products offer also attractive and affordable solutions for electronic road toll collection and electronic vehicle registration. The products offer a wide range of personalization, service and delivery options to support the integration in customer specific procedures and issuing processes.

The UHF Mid-range Integrated RFID Reader can be compatible with multi-protocol, small volume, quickly read, round-polar ​ ​antenna is no limited of direction for tag, water-proof, can be used widely in RFID systems.:

  • Logistics and warehouse Management: Goods flow, warehouse management, and the flowing management of mail, parcel, luggage.;
  • Intelligent parking Management: Parking management and automatic charge
  • Other fields: Used widely in club management, library, student’ school, consumption management, time management, dinner management, pool management



    1. Convenience through automatic identification of vehicle and the driver over long distances
    2. Revenue enhancement through real time information from AVI system
    3. Efficiency improvement
    4. Highly secure vehicle access
    5. Automatic data capture