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Gate Operators

This automation is possible on existing domestic or light industrial gates, be it the double swing or sliding gates. Imagine opening, closing and locking, your gate at the push of a button. Its in-built NOVA receiver offers the highest level of security in a remote control, and with its multi-user capability, gate automation has never been so easy and convenient.


These operators come in variants of D5-Evo, D10, D10Turbo & A10 for domestic/light industrial applications and heavy industrial applications respectively.

D5-EVO can slide gates up to 500kg and is one the most durable and reliable operators ever made. A rapid opening but a more tempered closing just in case a loved one is in the way, that’s the sort of sophistication in motor control you can expect from the D5-EVO. Added to this, you can vary the acceleration and deceleration of your gate and make it move so smoothly for many years to come.

D10, D10Turbo and A10 can slide gates up to 2000kg and thus better suited for industrial applications such as estates, factories, offices, etc. which naturally have a higher duty cycle.


  • Safe Battery Backup(Up to 2 days)
  • Remote controlled-Multi-User(Up to 125 users)
  • Pedestrian Function
  • Auto lock
  • All important speed
  • Built in alarm                                                                       
  • LCD user interface for easy installation and use
  • Can be installed on existing gates



The VECTOR2 automation system is the all round for swing gates. Its linear operating principle with internal position control makes the system quick and easy to install. Its revolutionary mechanical design ensures a swift, powerful and reliable operator for the majority of domestic and light industrial gates. The low voltage motor provides safe operation and BATTERY BACK-UP. The advanced controller is feature-rich and the set-up and commissioning is child’s play.


  • Battery backup (Up to 3 days)
  • High push force
  • Remote Controlled -Multi-User(up to 125 users)
  • Fast operating speed
  • Pedestrian Function
  • Safe anti-crushing protection
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration
  • Auto-lock
  • Break-in alarm
  • LCD user interface(makes it easy to use)
  • Can be installed on existing gates



  • Protection for your family, employees and property
  • Convenience at the touch of a button
  • Security
  • Safety
  • Aesthetic Value